Morning Meditation in the Mountains

April 2021

A Perfect Day & Perfect For Frolicking

Spring inspired landscapes.

March 2021

Transitions 1 & 2

Artworks for the Art Access 300 Plates Auction.

February & March 2021


Commissioned piece for a baby girl’s nursery.

March 2021

Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops

I took inspiration from the Wizard of Oz while creating this artwork. The mountain is my own personal yellow brick road that leads to happiness and contentment. The mountains are a safe space for me where I feel I can completely be myself. I included a rainbow because I am bisexual.

February 2021

Winter Fun
This work was created by deconstructing an old artwork from several years ago depicting my husband playing hockey made by me for my husband and then reconstructing it to depict the snowy mountains.
December 2020
Blue Mountains
This work was inspired by mountains that I saw while camping that looked blue in the distance.
July 2020
Magic Mountain
This work was inspired by backlit mountains during sunrise on my morning commute.
March 2020